Arma 3 Exile servers

To connect to Arma 3 version 1.96.146114 CAC server using CreamAPI use links below:

Step 1

To play Arma 3 you need to dowload and install the Arma 3 client

Step 2

After the game is installed download Arma3 v1.94.145.903 CreamAPI Multiplayer Fix by Nocalora and extract it to Arma 3 directory (archive password:

Step 3

Edit cream_api.ini, section: [dlc_installdirs], replace: N:\Games\Arma 3 and N:\Games\Arma3 with your Arma 3 path

(to point to the directory where you installed Arma 3 e.g. D:\Games\Arma 3) and save file

Step 4

CreamAPI requires Steam to run in background and if it works you should see "Spacewar" on top of it,

if you right click Steam icon in your system tray

Step 5

To play on the Exile servers you will need the following required mods:

After setup, enable Exile, Dual Arms, CBA_A3 (and Extended Base for Exile Altis server) mods in your launcher or in game main menu/expansions, and use multiplayer direct connect to

Exile Altis Server Port: 2302

Exile Tanoa Server Port: 2602